4 Ways To Produce More Content... More Quickly!

4 Ways To Produce More Content... More Quickly!

Content is king, but your available time isn't. That's why it can be helpful to find ways to produce quality content in a faster way. In the below article we're going to look at four ways which will allow you to produce more quality content at a faster pace, allowing you to speed up your production while achieving vastly better results.

1. Taking Notes Of Content Ideas (Before Writing Your Article)

The most challenging part of writing content is actually sitting down and coming up with the topics and words themselves. That's why it can be good to give yourself a head start as soon as those ideas start popping up. As we all know, the creative thought process happens throughout the whole day, so it's good to have either a notebook or your notes app on your phone ready to write down ideas that come up at anytime. Then once you're ready to start writing your content, you can easily go back to those ideas and scribbles, and form them into a real article with more extensive content.


2. Referencing Other Content

There's a lot of articles out there both online and offline, so why not take advantage of all these free sources available, whilst making your own content even more valuable? You can go the old school way by doing some referencing, which means actually going into other posted articles, and aligning what you're referencing by putting footnotes in your own content, which are referring to those articles.

Referencing is a good way to get to know more about a certain topic that you want to write your content about, and it will also give you some ideas to get started. You can quote from other content, which will give you an idea about your own content. Mind that you don't actually start copying - this will also lower the search index score of your content - and always give praise to the original writer of the text. Referencing other articles will also make your own content seem more legit and trustworthy, showing your readers that you've done your research.


3. Collaborating On Content With Others

Collaborating with other people will provide many benefits to your content marketing strategy. First and foremost, this practice will cut down the work you actually have to put in writing the article, because you're now working with somebody else or even a whole team in putting out that article, which means a reduced and more equally divided workload. Not only that, collaborating on content will also allow you to extend your network and build connections with those that you're collaborating with. Lastly, all of those involved in the content writing will be able to post the content on their own platforms, which means more shared exposure. It's basically an absolute win win situation!


4. Using Voice-to-text Software To Speed Up The Writing Process

This might be the one that can really help you out speeding up things. Voice-to- text or speech-to-text has improved dramatically over the last years and the best software out is actually being offered for free. Microsoft's voice-to-text software has been tested as one of the best in the market, and is simply included in every Windows 10 or 11 license. I admit, it's the one I've used in creating this post right here!

Needless to say that speaking can be 2-3 times faster than typing out text. It can also help with letting ideas flow more naturally and sentence structuring. For an absolute content creating combo, film yourself while recording the speech - so you can put out video content accompanying your recorded text! Now that's a real time crusher.

And there you have it! 4 ways to speed up your content creation process, while even adding to your outputs in the form of affiliate marketing and additional content formats at the same time. Hope you found this one insightful, until the next one!
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