3 Easy Ways To Kick-Start Your Brand Awareness

3 Easy Ways To Kick-Start Your Brand Awareness

So you've decided to start your own brand, but you don't exactly know where to begin. It can be difficult to get your first customers and to get your first brand awareness out there, especially when you have little followers or no recognition yet. In this post. we're going to show you three simple steps with which you can kick start your business, get your name out there and start getting your first orders rolling. Let's get started!

1. Telling family and friends about your brand

This is probably the best and most organic way to get people interested quickly in your brand and ideas. It's also a great way to get people to know the real you, or this new you that has started the journey to create a living out of your dream. By telling people familiar to you about your new business ideas, you'll not only be getting your first real customers very quickly, you will also make sure that people get to know where your passions lie and how you have decided to act on that passion by starting your own brand.

2. Getting social online and starting to network

There's many online platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube where you can easily connect with people that have similar interests to you. You want to start by reaching out to people in a very polite way, showing interest in their content as well, and then just gradually building up from there and mentioning your new brand to them. You'll be positively surprised how open and collaborative people are; yes, even those pages and influencers who already have a lot of followers. Within no time you'll be building connections and even new friendships and collaboration efforts: all to the benefit of your new brand.

3. Using smart and affordable online advertising

Online advertising isn't how it used to be in the past anymore, where you had to spend a lot of money with little return. Nowadays you have many possibilities to reach people on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can put pinpoint details on your search request and demographics, so that they exactly fit your brand. And the great thing is that you can already start with a budget as low as just five euros or dollars per day, allowing your ad to be shown to thousands of people!

As you start running more of these small initial online advertising campaigns, the algorithms of social platforms will see who your targeted people are and who is responding well. Like that there will be cosntant improvemenets for targeting the right people for you to create the desired brand awareness. This makes online advertising on Facebook and Instagram a really really good bargain to get your brand awareness in and start getting your first customers to come to your brand.

Now let's wrap it up and put it all together. If you follow these three steps, you'll be reaching out to people close to you in real life, other creators with similar passions as you online, and lastly start targeting a broader audience on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram against a small investment. Soon enough you'll see the results of these 3 great ways to start creating brand awareness, and you'll start getting those first loyal followers. You'll have created the foundation of your brand and can then start getting even more successful.

We hope these three steps were useful to you and that you'll be able to take your brand to the next level as you desire. Keep us up to date with how it goes and best of luck!

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